5 Minutes Downunder with Fresh03

One of my first experiences with this guy was watching a video on you tube of a strange looking man wearing a Yoda Beanie while also sporting some 1970's style thick tortoiseshell spectacles that looked like they had Coke bottle bases in them for lenses while sideways half on half off his face while also shaking a bottle of e-liquid and telling particular audience members that he was dedicating this action to them. Some would have ran away there and then however I can only describe what I experienced was somewhat hilarious, endearing and hypnotizing. His zany sense of humor somehow struck a cord with me and still does. However this man has a whole lot more depth behind those connecting eyes that deliver what many now know as the legendary "Eye Contact" !

Let's dare to go Downunder and see what we can learn from Fresh in 5 Minutes !

What is a fun fact that not a lot of people may not know about you? 5 years sober and counting! Why DIY? I'm a complete cheapskate, so saving money with DIY was a no brainer. What would you tell yourself when you started DIY with the knowledge you have now? Put the TPA Belgian Waffle down, it only leads to heartbreak. Your favourite concentrate? Flavour Art Blackcurrant Your favourite recipe of all time? What did I mix last? Seriously, I mix so much that even if I love something I'll probably only vape it for a few days. What is your latest recipe? Beary Milk, a light, sweet, strawberries and cream with a buttery bakery backnote. If you were a native Aussie animal what would you be & why? I'm not a native Aussie, but I'd be a dropbear, most dangerous animal on the planet!!! Where can people find you? Youtube.com/fresh03

What have we learned from Fresh03?

While keeping a quirky sense of humor is important, so is lifting your friends up around you. He does more for this community than most probably realise by selflessly promoting others and doing a lot more than his bit for advocacy. He assists others both on his You Tube shows as well as behind the scenes with what he has learnt on his mixing/vaping journey while also helping to raise thousands upon thousands of dollars for great causes! Behind this ferocious wannabe dropbear with those hypnotizing eyes is really a blackcurrent shaped heart of gold that continues to not only mix and create amazing e-liquid recipes but also never gives up in making a positive difference to vaping. Fresh03 your a legend mate and we at DIY Downunder appreciate you going 5 minutes with us as we look forward to learning much more from you in the future. The best thing we can learn overall from this 5ft something man that seemingly stands 7ft tall in this industry is in his words ,"educate,advocate & be good to each other!"

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