5 Minutes Downunder with Addy Tuney! "Good Times"

"I miss the simpler times but we live in some good times!" - Addy Tuney When he speaks he offers amazing life quotes we can all learn from although he doesn't even intend to, because this is just who he is. His vaping & DIY journey began quite a few years ago. He still mixes with pipettes. He is known in some circles as the Master of the Kayfun atomiser. He is a tinkerer with a purpose and has modestly made a massive impact in an awesome way to our industry and is a shining example of how a little positive action here and there can create an amazing butterfly effect. Proof of this is when he sent his DIY mix of eLiquid to FRESH03 a few years ago before anyone knew who Fresh03 was and before Fresh03 even knew how to DIY. It was this little connection and action of generosity that began Fresh03's journey into eLiquid creation that started something amazing and beautiful. If you checkout his recipes on e-liquidrecipes.com you are bound to find something beautiful. Let's find out a little more about this amazing man we call "Addy Tuney" in 5 minutes with Diydownunder ! What is a fun fact that not a lot of people may not know about you? A; i rebuild/recycle older computers to donate to a local charity; computers for children Why DIY? A; in 2013 eliquid was really expensive and i didn't like the recipes my o.g. shop had. What would you tell yourself when you started DIY with the knowledge you have now? A; buy the flavor bible. Your favourite concentrate? A; um.....FA juicy strawberry, inw biscuit, tfa graham clear, i can't pick one. Your favourite recipe of all time? A; strawberry biscuit, it has been evolving for years. it started out as a cheesecake but now no cheesecake is in it. What is your latest recipe? A; flv cured tobacco @0.3%, flv black tea @0.9%, ooo creme brulee @1.2%, ooo corn bread @2.4% If you were a native Aussie animal what would you be & why? A; glider, because i have the option to fly. Where can people find you? A; youtube; addy tuney, instagram; tuney219 elr; tuney What heve we learned from Addy Tunney? Often described as the "Godfather" of DIY in some circles, his smile and generous spirit is undeniably passive. Whether he is blow-torching color into an atomizer, creating eLiquid, fixing a computer for a child that needs a leg up in life or advocating for positive change in our vaping community he is always doing it selflessly! He does small things for others in a way that teaches them and creates a smile, which is an attribute that is all to rare these days. If we can all learn from the positive butterfly effect that this brings overtime then I am certain that this is the "take away' we can learn from this amazing man. Thank you Addy for not only being you but also for giving us a little more of your highly valued time with us here at Diydownder! You can learn more about "Addy Tuney" on this recent show with Fresh03 & Brian (The Vapor Chronicles) : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tEGtE6_LV7o

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