5 Minutes Downunder - Let's Smile With Daytime Frank!

Article written - by Pippa Starr

He has that infectious smile and lovable nature that brings a group together to make those around him feel good. He's not your average trucker but he's certainly passionate about everything he likes including his beloved team the Eagles in the American Gridiron.

You always get the feeling from him that even if your on the losing team you will still come out a winner! At least this is the endearing qualities I get in his company. Let's find out what is behind the smile that is endearing many vape circles right now and what makes Frank tick in 5 minutes with DIY Dowunder !

What is a fun fact that not a lot of people may not know about you?

I love to play golf even though I’m terrible at it.

Why DIY?

I DIY because I hated most commercial eliquid that I found on the market.

(Except Adore of course) What would you tell yourself when you started DIY with the knowledge you have now?

I would tell myself to start with smaller batches until you have nailed down a recipe so you don’t waste so much. Your favourite concentrate?

My favorite concentrate right now is Italian cream from Hangsen. It has changed my flavor profile. Your favourite recipe of all time?

Favorite all time recipe would have to be Strawnana Custard from Ken O’Where. I can mix a liter of that stuff and not get bored with it. What is your latest recipe?

Latest recipe that I actually like is La Cosa Nostradamus. It’s a basic cannoli using Burlone from FA’s Pazzo line. After a 10 day steep the cannoli cream is coming into its own and balancing well with the shell. If you were a native Aussie animal what would you be & why?

I’d have to say a kangaroo. They look cute but will kick your ass if you piss them off. That’s me. I’m usually smiling but when something triggers me, my temper flares.

Where can people find you?

Everybody can find me on YouTube here: https://www.youtube.com/user/frank1360 - On instagram at Daytime_Frank - ELR Daytimefrank - I’m usually hanging out in zoom at http://www.vapeshack.org

What Have we learnt from Frank?

Although only just over a year into his Vaping and smoke free journey Frank has fast established himself as not only one of the most lovable figures in areas of vaping media he is in, but also is fast becoming a very good and knowledgeable DIY eLiquid mixer. He has a way of surrounding himself with the best to learn from which is a key attribute that I am sure will see Frank grow into an amazing mixer very quickly. His mixing show he does on You Tube each week is one of the most appealing as he often brings on some awesome guests while also being very grounded, laid back and easy to watch. In-fact it appears nothing seems to shake the smile from Frank's face other than a poor ground stroke on a golfing green lol. No doubt you could be a pro golfer if you put as much effort into it as you do when it comes to mixing fine e-liquid recipes. However we are just grateful that you are a better mixer than golfer by the sounds of it and that you are a member here with us at DIY Downunder.

We are looking forward to so much more you have in store this year and beyond!

Meanwhile I think we will all learn so much from the way you go about it!

Thank You for going downunder with us in 5 Minutes !


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