5 Minutes Downunder - Let's Get Dirty With Mary-Beth !

Article written by - Pippa Starr

In my relentless pursuit to embarrass and shock, I ventured into trolling mode in an attempt to gain some dirt on this lovely lady. Why you ask? Well she is loved by everyone I come across and surely there can't be someone on this earth that is this squeaky clean, right? It appears so, dam it. lol. She is lovely and this is just the way she is. She is a fine food, wine loving, well traveled connoisseur of all things beautiful in life . However she did used to be a dirty smoker till she found vaping so I guess we have something on her lol. In more recent times she has ventured into DIY e-liquid creation on a journey to discover even more beautiful flavor in her life and often comes up with some gorgeous recipes that reflect maybe a little of what goes on inside her beautiful mind.

Let's dare to see what is inside the mind of this flamingo lover ,

let's go downunder in 5 minutes with Mary-Beth :

What is a fun fact that not a lot of people may not know about you?

Not sure how fun it is  - but  I make my own VINO – wine.    And yes I do the whole  swirl the wine in the glass, then sniff it  and make those funny slurping  noises when I am tasting a newly opened bottle of  wine.   But  there is a scientific reason behind it, besides looking all posh.   You are trying to aerate the  wine and get those little flavor molecules to wake  up.    As soon as wine encounter oxygen, it begins to break down, which  is known as  “opening up.” As the wine opens, it gives off its aromas and also softens,  and this is  a good thing.   But if you let a wine sit in an opened  bottle or a glass exposed to oxygen for too long, say overnight, the oxygen will fully oxidize the wine.  Oxidized wine can become flat and  bitter – so if you open that  bottle you  had better drink it..LOL

Why DIY?

I  am someone that has to have some creative expression in my life -  from painting, to pottery on the wheel to wine making.   So me being a foodie and maker of wine thought- HUM  this DIY stuff is right in my wheelhouse.     About that time Fresh O3 and Brian began their  DIY show on Mondays, perfect timing.  So I basically followed along with them.   I spent about 3 months learning all I could.  I watched all the DIY shows -  new Amsterdam, diy or die, freshes show on Saturdays,  Mix life, Jennifer Jarvis, mixing with Mophead, steam room,  and stars and clouds.   I really began to see each persons unique mixing style, and learned so much for each one.  But Addy Tuney and Fresho3 will always have a special place in my heart.  After  3 month of  learning  by reading recipes and notes and making other people’s mixes I decided it was time to strike out on my own.  So I have been DIYing for about  year or so.    I only  hope that I can give back to a community that has given soooooo very much to me . 

What would you tell yourself when you started DIY with the knowledge you have now?

Don’t buy the starter kits, don’t buy the 4 oz of cake batter and mix by weight.  With the starter kit I ended up with items   I did not need and never used such as a graduated cylinder and beaker ( yes  I bought a beaker don’t laugh so hard) .   Mixing by weight is just so much more efficient for personal mixing , as there is minimal clean up.  Although if you are doing large batches,  mixing by volume may be more efficient and that beaker may be useful.. so there LOL .   As you have really emphasized Pippa this is a journey and as such  it is an experience, so I am thankful for all the mistakes because with every mistake a little nugget of knowledge got popped into my brain.  

Your favourite concentrate?

Man on man  this is the one question I  dread,  it is like asking a mom what her favorite child is.  I have to go with  the controversial  FA premium custard.  I cant tolerate CAP vanilla custard or most custards which really made me sad - as I really love the profile.     Then I got my hands on this one and for whatever reason I could vape it.. AND BAM  custard lyfe for me.

Your favourite recipe of all time?

Addy's yogurt it really showed me what simple elegance and balance  is in a recipe.  I never get tired of it and always come back to it.   

What is your latest recipe?

Working on a Pavlova for the April challenge ( wink wink nudge nudge)   - which still needs tweaking

Little Ds apple fruit pie  - I have been trying to nail a little debbies apple pie for a while  - and I think this is pretty darn close. The fried dough and using a higher percentage of the FLV apple filling were the missing pieces I needed ( thanks to DaddyKane91 for that FLV apple filling tip)


What the heck is an iced rooibos tea – when I tested that red tea from FLV I immediately  thought rooibos tea and had to use it in this type of recipe  - if you like rooibos tea I hope this will hit the spot for you  - if you have not try something new   https://alltheflavors.com/recipes/95628#what_the_heck_is_iced_rooibos_tea_by_mech_mod_rn

If you were a native Aussie animal what would you be & why?

The laughing kookaburra.  I  just love to say Kookaburra and remember the little childhood song ..  Kookaburra sits in the old gum tree merry merry king of the bush is he, sing kookaburra sing kookaburra – sing your song for me

Where can people find you?

On Daytme franks Sunday 2 PM est  Show :  Mixin in the Kitchen with Frank and MB


All the flavors






What have we learned from Mary-Beth?

She may not have experienced Vegemite on this little visit with us here on DIY Downunder today but I have no doubt that she would be up for it! lol . We have learned that she is a wine-o that doesn't whine! lol . She really enjoys sharing in the finer experiences in her life with others and is a prime example of how one can learn from other great people in this community. Like in most things in her life she excels ! Whether it's in her career as a highly respected medical emergency nurse or creating a fine e-liquid recipe, like a flamingo Mary-Beth seems to find the right balance while being lovely. This is why it's our absolute honor and privilege to have her here as also one of the members of our admin team! Thank you Mary-Beth for going Downunder for 5 minutes with us and once again coming out the other side squeaky clean as we all look forward to so much more that you bring to our community! Love ya mate!!

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