5 Minutes Down Under with Mophead

Welcome to this new series of DIY articles which features mixers from all backgrounds and experiences that have generously taken time out of their day to share a little about their DIY journey with us! His very down to earth nature yet intelligent approach to DIY e-liquid creation is something I believe we can all learn from! This is our very first article of this series from experienced mixer and You Tuber"Mixing With Mophead."Enjoy! Why Maths and who would be the most famous mathematician you respect the most? Growing up math just spoke to me as cliché as that is. I was never much of a creative writer or reader and my memory is horrible so I can never remember all those names and dates for history. I did always enjoy science, but math really stuck out to me. It got me excited, the thrill of solving a problem you have worked on for hours. The deeper I got into it the more I realized how much creativity was involved in problem solving and how connected all of mathematics really is. My favorite mathematician is probably Alan Turing, the person I named my Key Lime Pie recipe after. He was a cryptologist who invented the Enigma which was used in WW2 to decode over 3 million intercepted Nazi messages. Depending on who you ask he is sometimes credited for inventing the first computer. He was such a huge part of winning the war for the allies, but he was an openly gay man in the 1940s so after the war he was imprisoned and eventually committed suicide by ingesting cyanide. Despite his contributions to mankind, societies deeply held ignorance and mob mentality took his life. To me his story shows the universal beauty of mathematics, which in its most pure form knows no bounds created from religion and politics.Why DIY? I’ve always held my purse strings tight. Before I DIY’d I never bought commercial juice. I bought house juices from the local shops, some of which mixed them up in the back room. I figured it couldn’t be impossible to do it myself so I did some research and found what little information was available at the time. I went into it pretty blind, but my first recipe wasn’t too bad. It was followed by months of terrible recipes, but that’s the journey. The creative part of it stuck out to me. Like I said, I am not much of a writer and I can barely draw a stick figure, so things like cooking always appealed to me as a craft I could still have some creative potential in. Mixing reminded me of that, I can make something taste good just don’t ask me to make something look good,What would you tell yourself when you started DIY with the knowledge you have now? I would probably laugh in his face, tell him to stop buying 4oz bottles of flavors he knows nothing about, and then pat him on the shoulder and just say don’t give up. The journey got me where I am today, and like with math, I don’t think I would want to take away the struggle I went through (and continue to go through).Your favourite concentrate? So many! But there has always been a special place in my heart for TFA Blackberry. She’s a stubborn mistress, can completely make or break a recipe. Some of my favorite recipes are the ones I have gotten it to reach its sweet spot, again a challenge but with rewarding results.Your favourite recipe of all time?Another tough question. One of my favorite recipes I constantly come back to vaping is Zeppola Crunch by Doe Zee. It’s a simple kind of like strawberry donut, but it’s just something I can vape all the time. He uses TFA Berry Crunch to help out the strawberry and it just holds up a lot better than most. The donut part is also soft and doughy compared to most donut recipes that end up closer to a cake donut. Just a wonderful mix by a great mixer.What is your latest recipe?Caribbean Carrot, a nice refreshing tropical juice. It’s main flavors are carrot, mango, and pineapple. I also used a little cactus to really get that mouth watering feel out of it. I was inspired by Jamba Juice and whatever their carrot-mango-orange juice is. Carrot is a naturally sweet and bright vegetable so it blends well with fruits and can give a fruit mix a little vegetal note to really set it apart.So,what have we learned about Mophead? Not only is he intelligent but he appreciates the struggle of the journey and has a genuine care for how we treat others, to me mate that makes you a bloody legend! Thank you for going 5 minutes with us here at DIY Downunder!


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