10% of All Paid Members Subscriptions For Aussie Advocacy!

I am proud to announce that a minimum of 10% of all members subscription costs will now be put towards the best way possible! 10% will go to the New Nicotine Alliance Australia that advocates for the safe use of nicotine and vaping in Australia. This organisation has been working hard with many organisations, key public figures and politicians to help put us in the best position to get some sensibility in legislation around this topic here in Australia.

This organisation is headed up by "a Billion Lives" star DR Atilla Danko who is more passionate than ever to get Australia on track with other countries where more sensible legislation exists. He is supported by Annette Huppatz and a support team that assists in this cause to try and help Australian smokers to realise that there is a better way to quit. They take a sensible & respectful approach to educate and assist our law makers to try and help us "The Vapers" to getting us all a better result. However without our help they stand for nothing! So please check out their page at https://nnalliance.org.au/ and keep updated because together we can make a difference to not only 2 million plus smokers lives in Australia but to a billion lives worldwide!

It's our honor to welcome the "NNA" to DIY Downunder !!!!


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